ERSAT GGC and Connection with new applications presentation at ION GNSS+ 2018

The ERSAT GGC project and the possible connections with new applications like driverless cars were presented by the ERSAT GGC project coordinator Massimiliano Ciaffi (RFI) during the ION GNSS+ 2018, the world’s largest technical meeting and showcases of GNSS technology, products and services. The presentation was included in the session dedicated to the Augmentations for High Performance and Safety Critical Applications

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ERSAT GGC Project Presentation at INNOTRANS

On 19th September 2018, the ERSAT project has been presented during InnoTrans, the world’s largest trade fair focused on the rail transport.
The session was dedicated to the Satellite Technology for Railways, specifically focused on the EU R&I activities of STARS and ERSAT GGC projects. Jose Bertolin (UNIFE) presented the structure and the high-level objectives of the project together with a description of the main activities and challenge of the technical work packages of the project.

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Presentation at FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RAILWAY TECHNOLOGY of Video-based system for characterization of GNSS reception along a railway line basis for ERSAT GGC development

Rihab Hmida (IFSTTAR) has participated to the Signalling - Safety, Security and Train Localization session of the Fourth International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance, in Sitges, Spain the 6th of sept. 2018. She has presented the FPGA implementation of a video - based system devoted to the characterization of GNSS reception along a railway line. She has shown how the chosen architecture allows the control of the sensors as well as the synchronization, the processing and the fusion of the data coming from the different devices and how the tool can help the ERSAT GGC project to detect non-line-of-sight signal reception.

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ERSAT GGC project dissemination at RailLive congress

The ERSATGGC project was mentioned during the RailLive congress on 18th April, within the presentation “Developing GNSS for the rail industry”. Juliette Marais mentioned the work carried out in the ERSAT GGC project as one of the ongoing activities participating to the introduction of GNSS in the railways during her presentation which tackled the Industry update: objectives and benefits of GNSS-based solutions for rail; the understanding of the implications of GNSS for the rail industry, ongoing activities and remaining issues/next short-term steps.

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ERSAT GGC project presented at UIC Global Conference on Signalling, the Evolution of ERTMS

On 27th  March 2018, the ERSATGGC project has been presented during the UIC Global Conference on Signalling, within the session “Game Changer: The synergy between Level 3 and Satellite integration”.
The session was dedicated to discussing the current technical trends and main projects for the development Level 3 together with the opportunities and constraints of the parallel integration of Satellite based facilities, for both geo-localisation and data transmission. Massimiliano Ciaffi, ERSAT GGC project coordinator, presented the structure, objectives and expectations of the ERSAT GGC project, as one of the trend project and Initiative which deals with the integration of satellite requirements into the new ERTMS TSI.

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KOM (12 January Prague)

The first kick-off meeting of the ERSAT GGC project took place in Prague, in the presence of all the experts in the consortium. In particular, each WP Leader presented the work to be done for his WP and the economic-financial aspect of the project was discussed.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 776039

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