The figure below summarizes the most relevant research and innovation activities linked to the project that serve as a starting point. ERSAT GGC is linked to both international and national research activities that are keys to achieve its results.

ERSAT EAV (ERtms on SATellite Enabling Application & Validation) is a technological platform for verifying and testing the suitability of satellite technology within the ERTMS standard and to contribute to the future standardization process. For more info:


This project is characterizing the EGNSS signals in different railway environments and operational scenarios and the outputs will be taken into consideration on the ERSAT GGC project.


The importance of NGTC lies in the large consensus reached among all the rail partners, community of users and satellite experts for the implementation of the Virtual balise using the EGNSS infrastructures. The results of NGTC WP-7, relevant to the safety analyses will be injected into the ERSAT GGC project.


The test site is in Sardinia on the RFI regional line, “Cagliari-San Gavino”, where the core ERTMS and satellite systems have been deployed to verify the performance of a multi-bearer telecom system based on public networks (Cellular, Satellite) and the satellite localization system compatible with the ERTMS


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 776039

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